🤘🤩🤘 Congratulations on your capture and your excellent day with us, we hope that your story becomes known and that future wonderful people like you manage to get the true service they need.

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Seriously the highlight of our vacation! 🎣🐠 I love a good story and here is one for you! We were to go deep sea fishing on Tuesday and lack of speaking the language, we waited at the wrong place and missed our boat! So they rescheduled us for today! We booked a max 6 person deep sea fishing boat! When we got there they were trying to put 11 people in one boat when we paid for 6. Not speaking the language, you just got to go with the flow. The other family was ticked it was such a large group and were fighting for a refund! (In Spanish! 😂) Meanwhile the 4 men from Cuba that chartered a private tour boat that we rode over with knew we didn’t speak Spanish….when they saw us caught up in that mess….they told the man for us to jump in their boat! 🙏🏻 So essentially we upgraded to a private tour and they translated along the way for us! Such a great group of men! Very thankful and blessed! Everything happens for a reason! 🏝


Congratulations to this beautiful family for their great fishing. We hope this story catches on and serves as an example to other families who want to do the same. Here we wait for you. Blessings 🙌.

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Excellent day of fishing by this beautiful family, congratulations guys, the Fishing Pro Exclusive team is proud of you.

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